Golden Thread Intuitive Guidance:

healing stories, empowering desire

My work centers on fostering empowerment, awareness and self-love.  My strengths lie in working with a client over time to clarify the trajectory of their path, identify the challenges that present themselves, and  provide concrete steps for meeting and working with those challenges.  This often looks like offering skills to shift one’s approach in the everyday, mundane world, coupled with deeper emotional and spiritual work.
I recognize that neither emotional wounding nor healing take place with in a vacuum.  I believe in the importance of acknowledging the influence of systemic, institutionalized oppressions that many of us face in US culture, and take that into account along with my client’s individual experience.

I am passionately positive about body love and acceptance, marginalized sexualities, and alternative relationship structures.  My main calling is to offer my services to women and folks on the LGBTQ spectrum.  

Photo credit Ebenezer Galluzzo

Themes that I am drawn to:

*Creating a loving relationship with your body
*Building self-care practices
*Fostering empowered sexuality
*Clarifying and exploring desire, whether sexual or creative
*Creating an abundance mentality
*Healing wounding around intimacy, vulnerability, and shame
*Offering clarity and perspective on conflict within intimate relationships
*Developing emotional intelligence
*Providing strategies for those who feel ‘overly’ sensitive to the emotions or energy of others
*Providing support during times of transformation
*Providing support for folks teasing out past trauma as an adjunct service to regular care from a licensed mental health practitioner

Skills and tools I have to offer:

*Intuitive and empathic readings
* Basic magic skills such as grounding and boundary work
*Help designing and building personal rituals
* Priestessing rituals for clients
*Guided trance work for personal healing and exploration of your deeper self
*Empathic skills to boost emotional intelligence
*Skills for psychic hygiene
*Giving a basic understanding of key elements of your natal chart
*Suggest herbal support
*Further resource suggestions for books, other practitioners, remedies, etc. 

What Clients have to say:

I started seeing Miel on a whim, not knowing at all what to expect but very much open to some general life guidance. I had also been dealing with some stress, both personal and work related, and was hoping that just talking to someone might help. From even the first session I felt an improvement in my overall wellbeing. She created such a safe space in her kitchen that calmed me with positive energy and love as soon as I walked into her home. During my sessions with Miel we explored emotional self care, the process of healing, and how to healthily manage emotional stress. She is an excellent resource for literature, body work, healing, and herbalism and always had a helpful recommendation for a book or an herb to try to help with the emotional healing process. We even began diving into issues that were so deeply ingrained in myself that I didn’t even know they existed. Through love, guidance, and patience Miel worked with me to reevaluate my relationship with my parents and assess the role they had in my current state. I actually never realized how truly deep of an impact Miel had on my life until I moved closer to my family. I feel stronger and more emotionally equipped to interact with them regularly, and I truly believe I would not have been able to do that without sessions with Miel.

Miel possesses a unique set of tools that really helped me to determine my own perspective.  I was finally able to establish my own definition of desire in general and specific ways. Working with her feels like finding a true kindred spirit.

Miel’s intuitive guidance has been tremendously valuable in my life!  I especially love her ability to tailor her guidance and practice to meet me where I am, helping me fulfill my personal goals and desires.  Working with her has been eye-opening and incredibly rewarding.

Miel was able to guide me through the darkest period with warmth, understanding and kindness.


Sessions are conducted face to face in my home in Northampton, Ma.  I am also excited to offer sessions via Skype or phone.  

I charge a sliding scale fee of $30-60 an hour.
Contact me at to schedule an appointment.

Accessibility info:
I live on the first floor of my building and there are 5 steps to get into my apartment. My space is free of chemicals and chemical scents, but parts of my practice such as burning dried plants, candles (beeswax and soy), and essential oil use may not be safe for some folks with chemical sensitivity or respiratory ailments. Feel free to contact me with any questions!