She Changes Everything She Touches:

a journey through the wheel of the year

For so many of us in this modern colonial world, the grief of disconnection from the earth and our other than human kin is a deep and ever present one. It is often so much the weft of the fabric of our lives that we aren’t even aware of how pervasively this disconnection effects us. We crave intimate relationships with the world around us, but are rarely taught how to forge and honor these relationships. We cut ourselves off in an attempt to lessen, or dissociate from, the pain of being alive in an age of ecocide.

One way to weave connection is to slow down and give attention to the cyclical changes that happen around us throughout the year. 

Since the birth of human culture, our ancestors shaped their yearly realities through ritually observing the changing seasons. By watching the rotations of celestial bodies, they designated holy days to mark the gateways from one season to another. They celebrated to honor the Earth, Deity, ancestors and allied spirit folk, and to manifest abundance and good fortune.

During the coming cycle, we will build relationship with the 8 holy days that make up the wheel of the year in Northern European pagan traditions. We will learn about traditional ways our ancestors observed these gateway times, some of the ways these energies effect us, explore the wheel of the year as a template for personal growth, and much more.

This series includes:

*9 recorded classes, approximately 1 hour each, made available through throughout the year

*Written pdfs of class scripts, a glossary of potentially unknown terms, and recommended resources  

*Instruction in the basics of ritual, and how to practice magic safely and ethically

*Techniques for planning your own rituals

*Questions to help tend personal growth and healing at each stage of the Wheel

*Old traditions and history surrounding the 8 holy days

*Ritual songs for the changing seasons

*Goddess/Deity associated with the holy day/season and Their stories

*Plant allies for each season and how to build relationship with them

*Guided trance to explore your inner landscape, connection with allied spirit folk, and glean insight 

This series strives to be accessible for folks who are new to their exploration of witchcraft and paganism, but it is not a 101 class.

The first class will focus on the basics of ritual and how to practice safely. This class will be available September 22, 2019. Each following class will be available two weeks before the holiday to give you time to listen and plan your ritual (or other observance).

We start this journey together only once a year. Enrollment is open for a period between Autumn Equinox and December 1st. Sign up to join my email list for a reminders!


Sliding scale cost for this class is $240-500.

*Decide where on the scale you are able to pay. 

I use sliding scales for my classes because as a low income person I am dedicated to making my classes as financially accessible as possible. If you are someone who struggles to make rent, or don’t have much left after paying rent and bills, please access the lower end of the scale. If you have more financial leeway, please pay higher on the scale. This makes it possible for me to price the low end of my sliding scale lower than the going rate and still make closer to a living wage.

*I offer two payment options: to pay in full, or in monthly installments through Payment plans start at 12 installments of $20. 

As a witch with settler/colonizer ancestry who benefits from white supremacy, living and teaching earth based practices on stolen/unceded land, I’ll be donating 15% of the total proceeds of this class as reparations tax to Indigenous sovereignty organizations. 

Registration is open until December 1st

To Register:

Option 1: choose what you can pay on the sliding scale of $240-500 and PayPal me the amount at


Option 2: visit and choose the tier for She Changes Everything She Touches. You can then customize your monthly payment to best suit your needs. For full access to the class, you’ll contribute a minimum of $20 a month for 12 months. If you have more resources and want to pay higher on the sliding scale, you can choose a higher monthly payment. At the end of 12 months when you’ve payed the amount you are able to on the sliding scale of $240-500, simply discontinue patronage through the patreon site.

Within 24 hours of registering, you will be enrolled on teachable and have access to the introductory class.

About my practice and the beliefs that shape my teaching:

My practice and teachings are rooted and centered in queer and womxn’s mysteries, Goddess worship, and European pagan/witch traditions. Within that, my tradition and practice is very eclectic and anarchic. 

When I say eclectic, I mean that I believe in a living and evolving tradition that incorporates surviving pieces of old witchcraft and newer traditions practiced by my teachers, and is held together, fed, and dictated by a deliberate and active relationship with Spirit. 

When I say anarchic, I speak of a focus on cultivating trust in your individual authority and learning to participate in ritual within the context of a peer group that shares power.

I was raised with a strong anti-capitalist/anti-consumer ethic, which is to say I believe in cultivating reciprocal relationships with the world around us vs. seeing the world as inert matter for our consumption. 

I believe in an intersectional view of systemic oppression, which is to say that I believe we are living with in the death throes of a soul eating civilization whose main expressions are rape culture, colonization and genocide, white supremacy, hatred for queerness and gender diversity, life destroying class disparity, and general ecocide, all of which are interlocking tentacles of the same beast. 

I believe that it is impossible to survive in this system without accruing some form of trauma, that personal traumatic happenings are related to systemic oppression, and that a “culture” that is based on systemic oppression is traumatizing in and of itself. 

I believe in centering trauma in my magical work, and that committing to the process of healing our trauma is a magical act. 

I believe that the Burning Times and the destruction of the matrilineal Indigenous cultures of Europe were test runs for the genocidal colonization of the Americas and beyond, that we all are still living out the repercussions of that drastic shift and everything that came after. 

I believe that folks who benefit from the current white supremacist system have an obligation to look to that part of our history and do everything in our power to heal. 

I believe that humans lived in deep connection and relationship with their surroundings and each other for waaaaay longer than patriarchy/white supremacy/ecocidal domination have existed. I believe we can do that again.

This class is open to absolutely anyone who resonates with this orientation and feels they could benefit from this information.  

What folks are saying about She Changes Everything She Touches:


On this darkest night of the year I call in the crone goddesses of the earth and nighttime. I enter into their sacred cave to build a pyre from all that no longer serves me. In this place of primordial darkness and creation I meet a broken statue of a Venus figure and at once feel the deep pain of her shattered form. I place her broken pieces in the flames and release thousands of years of her repression, her desecration. Her wounded, humiliated form holds all the abuse held by the womyn of the earth and of the earth itself. In burning, all is cleansed. In her ashes, a new form immerges. I ask the Dark what this form is called. The Darkness answers: Raw Power.”

The words above are an excerpt from my journal, written directly after listening to Miel Rose’s guided trance for the Winter Solstice. That day marked the beginning of this year long journey I have been on with Miel, the beginning of She Changes Everything She Touches: A Journey Through the Wheel of the Year. Deciding to enroll in this course was one of the best choices I’ve ever made. This course has been incredibly grounding, inspiring, and has facilitated deep growth in me during a very tough year. Miel’s teachings are founded in a radical understanding of gender, class, race, and sexuality as well as a deep connection to the ancestors. She taps into the magic that can still be uncovered in pagan European traditions, while dismantling the patriarchical and white supremacist strains that are so often found in neo pagan practices and teachings. In each class she shares a wealth of knowledge, covering traditional practices, songs, deities, offering suggested rituals, herbal allies, and recipes for connecting to the spirit of the season and holy day. Her trances are beautiful containers for magic and wisdom to come through. I have completed each one with a deeper and more magical understanding of myself, the world, and my place in it all. I will return to these teachings again and again. I cannot recommend this course more highly and I would encourage anyone and everyone to work with Miel in whatever way you can! She is a true mystic, an amazing teacher–a witch to boot.

- Casey

As a mixed roots person with the blood of colonizers and the colonized running through me, I believe that until we go back to our beginnings, to some of the deepest unaddressed generational traumas of the violent severing of our relationships to land and sacred knowings beyond logic and reason, I cannot fully heal. I find many more ways to grow and heal and rebuild among my communities of color, but I haven’t found enough spaces where white and mixed-with-white people are trying to uncover and heal our sacred narratives of land and the Divine before colonizing Christianity came for us on the European continent. 

As a Queer Femme in community, I have a deep commitment to my politics of destroying the gender-binary myth (especially in spirit work of Divine Feminine/Masculine) and taking responsibility for our privileged identities even as we are doing our own healing work from our internalized oppression.

As a Spiritual Healer and Mountain Bruja, I hunger to be in community with others who are doing their own work, regrowing severed roots, and using their power to transform the world outside in concrete ways. 

I had wanted to take a dive into this exact thing for years!!!!! But as a complex and multifaceted person with super strict politics about cultural appropriation, and exhausted from white navel-gazing and self-centered “woo-woo” spirituality, I just didn’t find anyone I trusted enough to begin this exploration with. And then came MIEL ROSE!!!!!

When I saw this course, I was sooooo excited, but still hesitant because of my previous experiences. But then a Femme comrade who I love and trust to the ends of earth vouched for Miel and her spirit practice, and I was sold! And I’M SO GLAD I DID!

Miel not only worked out a payment plan that worked for my life, but I feel amazing about using my resources on something I’m doing for my own work of healing and contributing to the sustainability of another Femme in community who is also using her gifts to transform the world with damn good politics! YES! FINALLY someone who gets it!

The classes are wonderfully tender and super duper smart. I love that there are suggestions for further readings, and everything that is shared is clearly named from where it comes and how it might be used or thought of today. 

I also love that there is so much encouragement for using our intuition; it takes the power from expert-centered to heart-centered. There isn’t a right and wrong answer; there are just things that resonate and then everything else. 

I also loved that it gets delivered to my inbox, so I can listen to it on my schedule. I’ve taken to listening late at night, under the moon, after everyone else is bed. It has become a ritual of quiet, me time doing work for my own spirit that is important, but so often but on the back burner as I do spirit work for everyone else. 

Also, by it being something that is recorded, I get to go back to it whenever I want. I LOVE that! Sometimes I’ll listen once, just to get a feel for the subject, and then if I want to do a practice, I’ll go back and listen to a specific piece of it in more detail a second time. Sometimes I go back weeks later, just because there is something that came up that makes me want to check it out again- it’s just great! 

I am so grateful for the knowledge and practice and love that Miel has so clearly poured into these courses. IT SHOWS!!!! I’m delighted to recommend this course! If you’re on the fence, take it from me, it’s worth it! This is important work… and it’s SUPER FUN!

- Alba

Miel Rose’s Wheel of the Year classes have changed the way that my partner and I engage with the natural world surrounding our home and our hearts. When we decided to begin Miel’s WOTY classes we knew that we would be having a child within this year. We wanted to begin a family practice of nature based spirituality that also brought a social justice lens to our practice, Miel’s classes do this. Miel’s gifts are many, but what has resonated so deeply with us is her commitment to the plants and rituals of healing associated with ancestral Celtic and Neolithic goddesses. Miel uses trance and guided meditations, as well as traditional songs, and incorporates these into her classes. For our summer solstice class we waited to listen to it until the evening of the solstice, while on the beach, with a fire, watching the sun set and the moon rise, it was completely magical. That is what we appreciate about the recorded classes, we can create our own rituals and moments around listening to them. We will listen to them every year for years and it will be part of our family practice as our child grows up. Miel’s voice is lovely and her wisdom is deep, she is a teacher and guide.

- Shannon & Davis

Miel presents historical perspectives about each of the holy days that adds depth to my understanding of why we honor the seasons in this way. The plant allies, songs, poems, and considerations of the psychological aspects all add meaningful complexity to my life and my practice.

- Avarice

As a younger person I was drawn strongly to healing, spiritual practice, and personal growth work, but often found myself pursuing things like yoga, herbs, and Buddhism among mostly other white women in cis, hetero spaces. It felt disconnected, appropriative, and wrong, which I used as an excuse to shut down that part of myself for so long. 

As my interest in magic and the traditions of my own ancestors has reawakened, Miel and her Wheel of the Year class have given me the perfect entry/re-entry point to this work. Miel’s orientation is radical, inclusive, anti-capitalist, and so very queer. Her perspective is validating and life-affirming. She contextualizes many of the myths, deities, and practices discussed in terms of the historical march of patriarchy, and actively seeks the queerness and transness of pagan traditions that have been ignored or misconstrued by modern witches and anthropologists alike. She is also hilarious and an amazing storyteller.

The classes are so meticulously researched and organized. Each one is an hour that is both easy to listen to and not overwhelming, but also so packed with information, ideas, and perspectives that there is much to go back and explore more deeply. I love that Miel includes a separate trance with each class, which I have found so meaningful to make space for after I spend a few hours or days digesting the class. I am so grateful that Miel continues to craft this beautiful, evolving container of accessible, ethical magic, and I can’t recommend it highly enough! 

- Danielle

I came to the class with a minimal background in celebrating Yule and the equinoxes – this class has reinforced that foundation and added so much nuance and depth to my knowledge base. Far beyond anything I could have learned by googling (because trust me, I’d tried), Miel somehow integrates ancient history and lore from various cultures; songs, rituals, and plant knowledge that I can actually remember (and thus put to use); and links to the realities of living amidst heteropatriarchal and racist capitalism…and she somehow does it all in a soothing voice and in recordings that don’t feel too long or rushed. Perhaps the best part for me has been knowing that there is a community of others out there learning alongside me. This class has given me the information and the confidence to practice with more joy and freedom, and for the first time, to start discussions with my friends about what I’m celebrating and why. Everlasting gratitude to Miel for making this offering available! 

Some things you’ll want to know if you’re thinking of taking Miel’s Wheel of the Year Class: 

1. You’ll probably want to listen to each recording more than once. There’s so much information in each one, and even though Miel manages to deliver it without feeling cramped or rushed, I always find on the second (or third!) listen things that I missed before. 

2. It comes with access to an awesome resource guide that you’re going to want to save for later. My reading list is now dozens of books long and I’m not mad about it at all. 

3. Miel is a very attentive and accessible instructor. She doesn’t treat this class as a “send it and forget it” – she’s excellent at answering emails from students. 

4. She takes accessibility seriously, so be honest about what you have and what you need. I knew that I was on the middle-upper end of the sliding scale overall, but my job results in sporadic paychecks. Miel graciously helped me set up a plan to make payments spaced throughout the course. Being able to offer what I truly have, but on a realistic schedule, made me feel better about money than I have in a long time.  

5. You’re going to learn more than you thought possible, and in a way that goes far beyond anything you could get together from google on your own. Miel’s depth of knowledge on the topics shines through so well – it’s a joy to listen to her speak and learn from her! 

- Cara

She Changes Everything She Touches is a powerful tool in these times we live in. As a queer witch, I am always on the look out for teachers with an anti-racist, gender affirming lens. Folks who are committed to practicing witchcraft in ways that challenge dominant culture and work to dismantle white supremacy. Miel is one of these folks. She also recognizes the impact living in these systems has on many of us and creates a container for those of us who have experienced trauma. Whenever I listen to one of her recordings, be it a teaching or a trance, I feel like she is sitting in the room with me. Miel is authentic, warm and wise. She weaves her teachings in such an easeful way. Miel is accessible- whenever I contact her, she responds right away. She offers different payment options, which allowed me to take this course. Miel’s work has been key to my deepening my practice and moving further in my healing. I highly recommend this course! 

- Cee