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Hello darlings! My name is Miel Rose. I use she/her pronouns. I’m a rural, working class femme who was raised by hippies in the wilds of Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom on unceded Abenaki land. I work with textile magic, plant medicine, teach about earth based spiritual practice rooted in Old Europe, and give intuitive guidance. I believe in my effectiveness as a wounded healer.  

As a priestess with Sun and North Node in Virgo in the sixth house, I believe that service is a big part of what I’m here to offer. Healing work, for self and others, is the thread that laces together so much of what I’m passionate about. 

In my personal healing work, I have always resonated strongly with healers who have been to the underworld and back, and I strives to provide this kind of empathy and solidarity with folks who I work with. My jobs as a healer are space holding, en(courage)ment, catalyst, skill sharer, resource recommender, and internal organizer. I support folks in doing their own healing work.  

I have been working with plant medicine and practicing earth centered spirituality for 15+ years, although I was shaped by these forces much earlier. I was raised on plant remedies, grown and made by my parents, and came into awareness of myself as a witch at the tender age of 11. After moving to the Pacific Northwest at 17, I started studying medicinal plants in earnest, first on my own and then with teachers such as Cascade Anderson Geller, Krista Olson, and Colette Gardiner. After completing Colette’s 400 hour professional herbalism course, I was privileged to participate in the first year of the Blue Iris Mystery School in 2005, a 4 year magical training program lead by Colette Gardiner and Pomegranate Doyle.

I never thought I would be a teacher, but in 2011 I got a strong push from my team on the other side of the veil and I’ve been teaching ever since. And by that I mean curating and sharing information and practices that have kept me rooted and alive in these ecocidal times. In my post-capitalist dreams, I would live in a little house between the village and woods and trade with folks, my skills for theirs. But being alive in late stage capitalism, I make teachings and physical tools and medicines available through the ethers of the internet, trying to price things in a way that is both accessible and also sustains me. As a chronically ill, low income person, I am immensely grateful to be able to work from my home, and immensely grateful to everyone who supports me in this!

About my practice and the beliefs that shape my teaching:

Since 2011, I’ve been teaching about earth-centered spirituality and magic skills in so called Massachusetts on the unceded land of the Pocumtuc and Nipmuck peoples.

My practice and teachings are rooted and centered in queer and women’s mysteries, Goddess worship, and European pagan/animist/witch traditions.  Within that, my tradition and practice is very eclectic and anarchic. When I say eclectic, I mean that I believe in a living and evolving tradition that incorporates surviving pieces of old witchcraft and newer traditions  practiced by my teachers (Reclaiming Collective and Faerie), and is held together, fed, and dictated by a deliberate and active relationship with Spirit. When I say anarchic, I speak of a focus on cultivating trust in your individual authority and learning to participate in ritual within the context of a peer group that shares power.

I was raised with a strong anti-capitalist/anti-consumer ethic, which is to say I believe in cultivating reciprocal relationships with the world around us vs. seeing the world as inert matter for our consumption. I believe in an intersectional view of systemic oppression, which is to say that I believe we are living with in the death throes of a soul eating civilization whose main expressions are rape culture, colonization and genocide, white supremacy, hatred for queerness and gender variance, life destroying class disparity, and general ecocide, all of which are interlocking tentacles of the same beast. I believe that it is impossible to survive in this system without accruing some form of trauma, that personal traumatic happenings are related to systemic oppression, and that a “culture” that is based on systemic oppression is traumatizing in and of itself. I believe in centering trauma in my magical work, and that committing to the process of  healing our trauma is a magical act. I believe that the Burning Times and the destruction of the matrilineal Indigenous cultures of Europe were test runs for the genocidal colonization of the Americas, that we all are still living out the repercussions of that drastic shift and everything that came after. I believe that folks who benefit from the current white supremacist system have an obligation to look to that part of our history and do everything in our power to heal. I believe that humans lived in deep connection and relationship with their surroundings and each other for waaaaay longer than patriarchy/white supremacy/ecocidal domination have existed. I believe we can do that again.

Some words on Tradition:

Traditions are living, breathing, evolving creatures; they are not stagnant.  They are defined by and meant to meet the people’s needs. Traditions are recognized by colonizers as an essential part of a people’s spirit, and are therefore immediately under attack.  Colonization and genocide have a way of interrupting tradition and freezing it in the moment, destroying its continuity and evolution and making it a static thing of the past. It is important to remember that while traditions draw on past knowledge and practices, they are meant to serve the needs of today.  

For white people coming from various European pagan heritages, our traditions were largely destroyed a very long time ago.  We grasp at the fragments that have survived, or pilfer from more recently colonized peoples to fill the gaping hole in our spirits.  The latter is, more often than not, hugely disrespectful and appropriative and salt in the wounds of peoples who were not only most likely colonized by our biological ancestors but whose cultures are still under attack today.

We all have ancestors that practiced earth based spirituality at one point.  We need to remember that all traditions find their source in spirit, that traditions evolve out of an active relationship with spirit, and because the spirit source is always there for us to access, no knowledge is ever truly lost. My personal practice and tradition at its core is about an active, open, and intuitive relationship with spirit, and through this, acting as a tool for change towards balance in the world.  

I recently gave an interview on the Daydreaming Wolves podcast that you can listen to here